Celebrities Attend Game 5 Of The NBA FinalsMark Wahlberg hopes you enjoyed watching him in the new "Bourne" movie, even though he wasn't in it.

Wahlberg was just on "Extra," talking to Mario Lopez about his busy schedule with "Shooter," "Deep Horizon," "Patriots Day," and "Transformers: The Last Night." During the conversation, Wahlberg's "The Departed" co-star Matt Damon was mentioned, since fans seem to think the two Boston boys are interchangeable.

Lopez had asked Wahlberg which of his films fans mentioned the most, when they approached him.

Mark Wahlberg: "'Shooter' is one of them. 'Four Brothers,' a lot. They're always asking for another 'Four Brothers.' Of course, 'Ted.' 'Boogie Nights,' which it's a little much at this stage, being a parent. And the other thing is people call me -- they always say they love me in 'The Bourne Identity.' And I just say say, 'Thank you,' you know."

Lopez [laughing]: "No, they don't! Are you serious?"

Wahlberg: "And Matt always gets it all the time, too. You know, he says they always say, 'I loved you in Ted' or one of these other movies that I've done. We just kind of laugh it off. I never correct anybody. I just say, 'Thank you very much. Got another one coming out. Watch me in 'The Bourne Identity 4' this summer. Check it out."

Nice! It's certainly helpful for Matt Damon to have Wahlberg out there doing free publicity for his movies, even if it's unintentional. If Jimmy Kimmel ends up feuding with Wahlberg, too, then we'll know he and Damon really are the same person.

Watch Wahlberg's full interview:

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