What happened to "Inside Amy Schumer"? As it happens, just a major delay for "the next year at least" so Amy Schumer can tour. But for a minute there it looked like the show had been cancelled/unrenewed.

In January, Comedy Central picked up the series for Season 5, a few months before the premiere of Season 4. At the time, Schumer said in a statement, "We are so excited to get picked up. I've gotten picked up many times, but this time feels the best."

But the funny quips stopped this past week, amid controversy with one of the show's former writers, Kurt Metzger. He's a friend of Schumer's, credited with writing several episodes of her show. He posted a note on Facebook in response to the Upright Citizens Brigade allegedly banning comedian Aaron Glaser when he was accused of sexual assault. You can get a full rundown at Variety, the takeaway is that Schumer tweeted that she was "saddened and disappointed" in her friend Kurt, but added that he does not work for her, which initially left some "Inside" viewers confused.

That was a surprise. She also retweeted this note from a fan who said she'd miss the show:

That got the Internet speculating that the show was cancelled, so Amy returned to Twitter on Thursday morning to clarify:

Comedy Central has yet to release any kind of statement on "Inside Amy Schumer," but chances are good that, if/when Season 5 premieres, Kurt Metzger won't be on the writing staff.

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