58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Press RoomJim Halpert could be heading back to the small screen: John Krasinski says he'd definitely be down for a reunion of "The Office" someday.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Krasinski was asked about his interest in participating in an "Office" reunion, and his immediate and enthusiastic response made it clear that the actor is 100 percent on board.

"I think if anybody had an idea of doing a reunion that made sense and sort of fit together, I'd do it in a heartbeat," Krasinski told HuffPo, adding that he hoped his fellow cast members would feel the same.

The actor also discussed how the entire ensemble felt lucky to participate in the series, since for many of them, "that was the first big thing that we had ever done." The chance to recapture that magic would be a boon for both the cast and the show's loyal fan base. (Plus, any mention of Jim and Pam makes us swoon to this day.)

So how likely is an "Office" reunion to ever happen? While many of its stars have gone on to other high-profile projects in film and TV, and no doubt have insanely busy schedules, the recent revival craze certainly leaves the door open to a potential return one day, even if just for a one-off special. And as the "Gilmore Girls" revival proved, even superstars like Melissa McCarthy have time to squeeze in a quick cameo for the show that gave them their big break.

We'll keep our fingers crossed that Steve Carell and co. can fit it in. (That's what she said.)

[via: The Huffington Post]

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