Operation Old School is in full effect for "Once Upon a Time" Season 6! Showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kisis already promised that the new season, which starts September 25, would go back to "that Season 1 mentality of small town stories and smaller arcs," and they just revealed to TVLine that Season 6 Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) will act a lot like the girl we first met back in Season 1.

The conversation started with the showrunners discussing what an Untold Story is -- basically a story that has yet to play out, with characters hitting the pause button on their journeys midstream, for various reasons. "What you'll be seeing is our characters wanting to help," Kitsis told TVLine of the new season. "And we see Emma back in the position where she's a Savior trying to to help people find their happiness." (She's not the only Savior, though, which is something she'll learn this year, too.)

TVLine said this is part of a "back-to-basics return to the Storybrooke-based tone of Season 1." Kitsis teased, "It's really Emma and the Yellow Bug, riding around helping people, which is what we wanted to come back to this year."

How refreshing! OUAT can get so convolution with 100 different stories going on, it's great to hear the showrunners want to hit the pause button themselves, and maybe rewind to the feeling that got fans hooked on the series to begin with. That's better than a happy ending, it's a happy new beginning.

"Once Upon a Time" Season 6 starts Sunday, September 25 on ABC.

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