GreaseWe've got chills, and they're multiplying!

A mind-blowing "Grease" fan theory is causing the Internet to melt down. The theory was proposed by a Reddit user three years ago, but it resurfaced thanks to actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, who posted about it on social media.

The theor posits that when Danny (John Travolta) met Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) at the beach at the beginning of the movie (as described in the song "Summer Nights"), he didn't save her life. She actually ended up drowning and the movie is her dying fantasy. Tell me more, tell me more!

This would explain how Danny and Sandy's red convertible magically flies into the sky at the end of the movie. It also could explain the perfect happy endings for all of the characters, like Rizzo being magically not pregnant.

Of course, none of this explains "Grease 2."

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