The PromiseDirector Terry George opened eyes to the Rwandan genocide in 2004's Oscar-nominated "Hotel Rwanda." Now, he's turning his lens to the Armenian genocide by Turks during World War I in "The Promise."

Deadline debuted the first trailer for the film, which is set in the final days of the Ottoman empire. Oscar Isaac stars as Michael Boghosian, an Armenian medical student, who arrives in Constantinople to study. He meets an American journalist (Christian Bale) and a beautiful French-Armenian artist (Charlotte le Bon), and is soon swept up in a love triangle. But danger and death lurk around the corner, as the Turks forge a pact with Germany and begin an ethnic cleansing campaign against minorities.

George's excellent track record for politically-charged movies makes "The Promise" of massive interest. Add on top of that the amazing cast -- Isaac, in particular, looks to give a powerhouse performance -- and the movie becomes one to watch in awards season.

"The Promise" premieres this weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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