A running joke on "Game of Thrones" for the past three seasons may finally be put to rest in Season 7.

Yes, we're talking about Gendry.Arya Stark's old friend has been rowing -- and rowing and rowing -- since the Season 3 finale, but a sighting of actor Joe Dempsie at the Belfast City Airport in Northern Ireland suggests he may finally get off that rowboat in Season 7.

Watchers on the Wall has been following the cast arrivals at "Game of Thrones" HQ in Belfast, and they shared the Dempsie airport photo. They seem to think it does bode well for Gendry in the 2017 season:

"As far as we can tell, the actor has no other projects at the moment that would require his presence in the city. There were rumors floating around social media back in August that Dempsie had been spotted in Belfast, but there was no actual proof to back it up."

The GoT showrunners recently joked about Gendry still rowing -- "He's coming up on Florida," "He's getting in great shape" -- because fans are constantly asking about the character's status. He had a fairly decent role in Arya's storyline, then had his own plot as King Robert's son, which led Davos to send him on that rowboat to save him from Melisandre. (If only there were a spare rowboat for poor Shireen.)

"Game of Thrones" is now filming, and will continue filming into early 2017, with a summer premiere date to be announced later. Do you think Gendry and Arya will reunite somewhere out there in Westeros?

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