No wonder Jimmy Kimmel loves Mean Tweets and hates Matt Damon -- he must be so irritable from the hunger. Get this man a Snickers! Kimmel is hosting the 2016 Emmy Awards this Sunday, and The Hollywood Reporter talked to him before his big night -- covering all kinds of random topics, including Kimmel's odd diet.

Apparently Kimmel and THR's chief TV critic Tim Goodman have been friends for years, and part of their Q&A touched on how Kimmel's late-night job has changed him. That led to their discussion of Kimmel -- a serious food guy who loves cooking and chefs and talking about food -- losing weight through his diet of just not eating for two days week.

For once, he doesn't seem to be kidding.

Here's part of that convo:

Goodman: "[...] You got thinner, by the way."

Kimmel: "You know what actually?"

Goodman: "You're a food guy and I want to get into that but how did you -- you're looking great."

Kimmel: "I starve, number one. And really that's number one -- and one through ten."

Goodman: "Is that really true?"

Kimmel: "I do. I don't eat two days a week. And people are fascinated by it but it works. If you cut two days of food out of your life you will lose weight."

Goodman: "That is the worst diet idea ever."

Kimmel: "That's what it's called, The Worst Diet Ever. TWDE."

Goodman: "You really don't eat two days a week?"

Kimmel: "Yeah."

Goodman: "That's really hard to do."

Kimmel: "Uhhh, yeah I know."

Later, the conversation returned to the subject:

Kimmel: "I will say I'm pretty religious about the not eating thing but I will take any excuse then. It's like, "Oh well, yeah but there's hamburgers here or it's Labor Day" so this might... "

Goodman: "I'm guessing these two days float? I'm fascinated by this, by the way. Do they float?"

Kimmel: "They move a little bit. Yeah."

Goodman: "You can't just say I'm not eating Monday and Friday or something like that."

Kimmel: "No, it's Monday and Thursday are my non-eating days, yeah, so today's one of them. Although I did eat today. [laughter] Sometimes I get hungry. [laughter]"

Don't try this at home, kids! The nutritionists of the world may have panic attacks just reading about Kimmel's diet, even if he doesn't stick to it every week. But apparently it worked? Here's a shot of Kimmel back in 2012:

Hopefully he's eating smarter and exercising more and just being healthy in other ways, to balance out this not-advisable plan of starving for 2/7 days.

Read Kimmel's full THR interview for a lot more on the "late-night landscape" and why he hopes he doesn't win an Emmy this weekend.

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