The 2016 Emmy Awards will be handed out this Sunday, and no one will be walking home empty-handed. If you hear any of the actors say, "It's an honor just be nominated," please know they mean, "It's an honor just to take home one of the $55,000 swag bags." That's the real reason to show up. You may not win a trophy, but you will win a random assortment of stuff no well-paid star really needs.

E! News got their hands on this year's gift bag, which was put together by GBK Productions. E! shared the $55K price tag and just a few of the things inside:

• $100 Pilot pen

• $1,000 plastic surgery gift certificate

• $8,000 vacation to the Belmond La Samanna in St. Martin

• $600 worth of free teeth cleanings and root canals at the Bedford Dental Group

• $1,000 worth of Italian food from Il Palato

• A ton of T-shirts

• A bathrobe from a brand called Wrapped in a Cloud

• Use of a service that makes wrapping paper out of your face

• A flamingo pool float

You could always combine them, taking your bathrobe, T-shirts, and flamingo pool float on vacation to St. Martin, and use the pen to write a haha "thinking of you" note to less lucky friends back home. Or just send them wrapping paper made from your smiling face on vacation.

There's probably more in the bag -- otherwise it might not be worth a year or two in college -- but that gives us an idea of what we're missing.

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