Just when you think you've learned everything there is to know about a movie, more information can come to light.

That's the case for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" fans today. The eagle eyes of one DC Extended Universe aficionado caught something that many of us missed in the film -- a tiny detail that had a massive impact on the outcome of the superhero flick.

In the film (spoiler alert!), Batman (Ben Affleck) was able to take down Superman (Henry Cavill) using his well-known weakness: kryptonite. Pulling it off took a lot of foresight, though, considering that the red-caped superhero has X-ray vision. That's where the key detail came in.

Bruce Wanye (aka Batman) stored his stash of kryptonite in several containers containing lead, an element that Superman can't see through. When you take a close look at the containers shown in the film, you'll notice that they have "Pb" -- lead's symbol on the periodic table -- written on their sides.

This is no mere coincidence, mind you. Another fan reached out to Clay Enos, the "Batman v Superman" set photographer, on Twitter and got confirmation. "Nothing happens by accident in [director Zack Snyder]'s movies," Enos wrote.

It is a truly impressive level of detail. We'll have to be on the lookout for more such clues when Warner Bros. Pictures' next Zack Snyder-directed DCEU film, "Justice League," hits theaters in 2017.

[via: Entertainment Weekly]