Be careful what you wish for. "The Walking Dead" Season 7 is finally arriving October 23, after a six-month wait for Season 6 cliffhanger resolution, but one star suggests we may wish the wait was even longer.

The cast members have all said the wait will be worth it, and it probably will be, but Tom Payne (Jesus) told it will also be very difficult to watch:

"The beginning of next season is going to be very tough and pretty graphic and horrible. But it sets up the whole season, it's the beginning of the whole next story, it sets up Negan, this awful, awful person and the things that he is capable of doing. And that sets up the challenge for Season 7, and I recognize you probably could have done that at the end of Season 6 but I think it's going to be a really great opener."

Well, at least he's willing to admit they could've just done that in the Season 6 finale, as so many fans have been saying for months.

Anyway, Payne continued to Express:

"Unfortunately I think a lot of people who are wishing for the death and wishing that they had seen it, I think after the first episode they might wish they hadn't wished for it because it's going to be very brutal and a huge downer."

A huge downer. Great. We're going to want Negan dead and defeated, Payne said. And, like Fetch, it's not going to happen.

Payne further offered some hints for his own character, teasing that the calm and capable Jesus will become an integral part of Rick Grimes's group, and well see more of his skills in Season 7. So that's good news, at least.

"The Walking Dead" Season 7 premieres Sunday, October 23 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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