Twihards, today is your lucky day: There's a (small) chance that the "Twilight" franchise could be resurrected from the dead.

That's the word from Patrick Wachsberger, the co-chairman of Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, which released the five original "Twilight" flicks. According to Wachsberger, the company is keeping hope alive that there could be more big screen adventures in the series some day.

"It's a possibility," the exec said in a recent interview with Screen Daily about the potential for another "Twilight" film. "Not a certainty but it's a possibility. It's about Stephenie [novelist Stephenie Meyer]. If she wants to tell a story related to those characters we're here for her."

Considering the success of the "Twilight" franchise -- which grossed more than $3 billion worldwide -- it makes sense that Lionsgate would be eager to revisit that property (especially in light of the failure of the "Divergent" films, with most recent outing tanking at the box office and the last film now slated for the small screen, potentially without its leading lady). But just how likely is it that fans could see another installment in that series?

Meyer herself broached the subject back in 2012, noting that she "planned out where [the story] would go for a couple more books" past the final installment, "Breaking Dawn."

" ... I know exactly what would happen, I mean there are a lot of characters I think would have a voice in those other stories," she said at the time. "I don't know, maybe I'll write it out someday for myself."

It's not a guarantee, but it's certainly not nothing. Keep those fingers crossed, Twihards.

[via: Screen Daily, h/t The Playlist]

Photo credit: Summit Entertainment