up, dug, talking dog, real life, pixarPixar's enchanting 2009 film "Up" is easily one of the animation studio's best, thanks to a unique premise, beautiful animation, quirky characters, and the hilarious addition of talking dog sidekick Dug. For those who've always wanted to have a pal like Dug in real life, the folks at Oh My Disney have (sort of) made those dreams come true, thanks to some technological magic.

Oh My Disney visited a park where they stationed a hidden camera and a voiceover artist, and attached a speaker to a golden retriever's collar, making it appear as if the dog himself was talking. Using some of Dug's signature lines, the pooch wanders up to unsuspecting people and appears to speak directly to them, reacting to their words and actions and provoking confusion and delight.

The results are nothing short of amazing, both silly and sweet in equal measure. One little girl initially appears wary, but is quickly won over by Dug's declaration, "I have just met you, and I love you." The dog commiserates with another canine about his "cone of shame." And Dug does manage to find what he thinks is a SQUIRREL! -- though it turns out it's just some dude's extra-fluffy facial hair.

Sure, we know this version of Dug isn't truly real, but the clip made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside all the same. Oh My Disney can feel free to unleash Dug on us any time.