Let no one say Felicity Jones does not put family first. Before we see her take the lead in "Rogue One," Jones will stand side-by-side with Tom Hanks in the Dan Brown novel adaptation "Inferno."

Ron Howard directed "Inferno, and revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that he wanted to cast Jones as Sienna after seeing her in "The Theory of Everything." But it was not easy to get her to sign on. "She's shamelessly balky," Howard told THR. "She'll say 'yes' and then 'no' and then 'yes' and then 'no.'"

Jones had no concerns about the script, telling THR, "That Sienna must be an equal to Langdon in her intellectual capabilities was very clear to Ron and me from the very beginning." Her concern was scheduling -- specifically, scheduling the international shoot around the birth of her niece or nephew.

"The whole contract turned on whether she could have a certain set number of days off when her brother's wife was having a baby," Howard said. "She was going to blow the movie if we couldn't rearrange the schedule and let that happen."

You don't hear that every day! But it's quite sweet and moving. Jones, 32, does not seem to have any children herself at this point. Her brother is her only sibling and they sound pretty close. And if you can get your job to schedule around events like that, why not? Good for her. And good for Ron Howard and company for apparently agreeing to it. That baby should feel pretty darn special.

"Inferno" opens October 28.

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