Your own poor television set may get Lucille'd after "The Walking Dead" Season 7 premiere.

This thing has been hyped to the hills and beyond, but at least they can say they warned us. "The Tonight Show" last night to tease the October 23 premiere, ride around on a motorcycle with Jimmy Fallon, and give the TWD cast some superlative titles.

Reedus said he's asked every day about who dies in the premiere -- cops, TSA agents, flight attendants, everyone wants to know. He can't say, obviously, but did tease, "I imagine a lot of people will be kicking their television sets. ... I mean it's heavy; it's really, really heavy."

Fallon acted like that was a big hint, but it wasn't. Reedus actually says a version of that before every major death, every season. He previously promised the wait for the Season 7 premiere would be "worth it," adding, "the planet is going to explode" because "it's so good."

In a web-only broadcast backstage, Reedus answered questions on his TWD co-stars in a superlatives game:

• Most likely to only need one take: "Uh, probably Danai [Gurira, aka Michonne]. I'd say Andy [Lincoln, aka Rick] but he'll just want to keep going. He'd still be doing one take to this day."

• Most likely to still be memorizing lines: "That would be me."

• Most likely to be spotted at craft services: "I'm going to have to say Danai again."

• Most likely to play pranks on set: "That would probably be me, or Danai. or Andy. Or Jeffey [Dean Morgan, aka Negan], maybe."

• Most likely to rule the dance floor at cast party: "I'm going to have to say Alanna [Masterson, aka Tara]."

• Most likely to be the best at keeping a "Walking Dead" secret: "That's tough because we tell each other everything. [long pause] Maybe Lauren [Cohan, aka Maggie]."

• Most likely to successfully survive a zombie attack in real life: "That would be, probably Michael Cudlitz [aka Abraham]."

Check it out:

There's probably a hint to be gleaned from his choice of Lauren Cohan, we just can't nail it down.

Also from "Tonight," here's Jimmy going for a ride with Norman: "The Walking Dead: Journey So Far" retrospective airs this Sunday, October 16 at 9 p.m. The premiere, titled "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be," airs Sunday, October 23 at 9 p.m., followed by a 90-minute live special edition of "Talking Dead," featuring 11 cast members, set at L.A.'s Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

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