Planet Earth IIExperience life in all its wonders closer than ever before.

That's what the new extended trailer for the BBC's "Planet Earth II" promises, and it looks like it will deliver. Ten years after the original series stunned us with incredible images of all of the beautiful bounties this planet has to offer — animals, insects, plants, forests, deserts, frozen tundra — we're getting a second helping. This time, it's filmed in 4k and uses the latest in camera technology, including drone work.

Sir David Attenborough returns to narrate, with a musical score from Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer. The trailer provides a breathtaking glimpse at leaping monkeys, congregating penguins, bioluminescent plants, soaring eagles, and a badass giraffe running down a lion.

The six-part series is set to air this November. To get ready, binge the original on Netflix.

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