the price is right, showcase showdown, dollar spin, historyOne of the greatest things about "The Price Is Right" is that after more than 40 years on the air, the venerable game show is still full of surprises. And viewers were treated to a big surprise on Monday when one of the rarest and most unlikely occurrences in the show's history took place.

As the official "Price Is Right" Twitter account teased, "This is one Showcase Showdown you need to see to believe!" And we concur. After all, it's not every day when all three contestants tie with $1.00 spins during the Showcase Showdown.

This situation has apparently happened a handful of times before (it's unclear exactly how many), but it's still such a rare and shocking event that the three contestants in question -- Cathryn, Manfred, and Jessica -- and host Drew Carey were all positively giddy as things unfolded. And what makes Monday's show even more unique is that all three of the contestants needed two spins each to reach the coveted $1.00 sum (which also netted each of them a $1,000 cash bonus).

The excitement on stage and among those in the studio audience is palpable throughout the clip, and as the third contestant to spin the wheel, Jessica, got things rolling, Carey mused that it would be funny if she, too, scored $1.00. When she does -- that's what game show gold is made of. There are few pleasures in life more pure than watching syndicated television on a weekday, and we salute "The Price Is Right"'s enduring unpredictability for making this episode an extra special joy to watch.

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Photo credit: The Price Is Right