'Imperium' Premiere - 12th Zurich Film FestivalDaniel Radcliffe has locked down another role: The actor is set to star in "Beasts of Burden."

Before you get too excited, the film is in no way connected to "Fantastic Beasts" series, which is a Harry Potter offshoot. "Beasts of Burden" is an action-thriller, and Radcliffe will play a drug smuggler. The plot centers on a drug-running pilot who comes into conflict with both the DEA and drug cartels.

Radcliffe's role sounds like another intense one. He'll next appear in a similarly dangerous situation in "Imperium," as an undercover cop infiltrating a white supremacist group. The actor also recently appeared in the heist thriller "Now You See Me 2."

"Beasts of Burden" is set to begin shooting late next month in Savannah, Georgia. Adam Hoelzel penned the script, and Jesper Ganslandt is directing. MGMT Entertainment's Pal Schiff and Michael Diamond are producing alongside Green-Light International's Chad Moore and Jeff Elliott.

[via: Variety]