Disney's latest animated musical, "Moana," is set to hit theaters next month, and a new clip featuring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's character, demigod Maui, singing his breakout tune is sure to make audiences even more eager to see the flick.

Johnson debuted the song on his Instagram account, where he revealed that he collaborated on the track with none other than "Hamilton" mastermind Lin-Manuel Miranda (who's co-writing the movie's songs along with composer Mark Mancina and Pacific songwriter Opetaia Foa'i). According to Entertainment Weekly, it's the first song Maui sings in the movie, as he introduces himself to Moana (voiced by newcomer Auli'i Cravalho), and as the name of the track ("You're Welcome") implies, the demigod is all too happy to explain to the young woman why she should be grateful for his help.

The tune serves two main purposes, both helping to fill in some backstory for the character, while also setting up his and Moana's dynamic going forward: The South Pacific princess is skeptical of the demigod's bluster, to say the least, and can more than hold her own alongside his formidable presence. And it helps that the song already seems to fit in so well alongside other classics from the Disney vault, catchy and humorous in equal measure.

Based on this first listen, we're excited to hear more from the "Moana" songwriting team. The flick hits theaters on November 23.

[via: The Rock, h/t Entertainment Weekly]

Photo credit: Disney