You know, we all should've done this. Plenty of "The Walking Dead" fans said they wanted time off after Sunday's gruesome Season 7 premiere, but did those same grieving fans call up the local newspaper to place obituaries for Glenn or Abraham?

The obit for Glenn is beautiful, and he does deserve this kind of tribute after seven seasons on the AMC show.

As the obit begins, under the headline "RIP, Glenn": "Glenn Rhee, husband, father-to-be, warrior and friend departed from this world October 23rd. He was 32." They write that Glenn was born and raised in Michigan to Korean immigrant parents (actor Steven Yeun, who is 32, was born in South Korea and raised in Michigan) and they reference Glenn's history of delivering pizzas before The Walker Apocalypse happened.

The whole listing is great, and it's touching to see this hero honored for the right reasons:

"He exhibited top-notch leadership when his leader and mentor was either unavailable or unable to lead, and his commitment to moral principles in a world-gone-mad breathed hope and promise to those around him (who meant him no harm)."

There's a bit of shade toward the end, when they list who he is survived by: After his loving wife Maggie and their unborn child, and a few others, they write "and various other adoptive family members and associates that will likely be more memorable in their eventual deaths than they ever were in life." Burn!

The last part is arguably the best:

"In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations of LITERALLY ANYONE WHO CAN HELP THEM DEFEAT NEGAN be made in his memory."


UPDATE: The author of the obit has revealed himself, and you can see the full opinion column next to Glenn's obit here:

"The Walking Dead" Season 7 continues Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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