steven yeun, walking dead, the walking dead, conanIf you're The Walking Dead," a new clip from "Conan" may cheer you up.

In the segment, a very much alive Steven Yeun (the actor who had played Glenn since season one of the AMC zombie drama) assured host Conan O'Brien that he's doing okay after his character's traumatic death at the hands of new villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). And while Yeun admitted that his seven years portraying Glenn were a significant period in his life, he told the host he'd already lined up a new gig: Standing in for O'Brien during "Conan" rehearsals.

Cut to shots of Yeun mimicking -- and definitely mocking -- the host's routine and banter with guests ("Joke, interview, talking to you, listening, joke, interview, band") before going off-script and just doing whatever the hell he wants. That includes playing guitar, giving himself a tear-filled pep talk, and trying (and failing) to style his hair in Conan's signature swooping style. Yeun eventually abandons that latter task in favor of donning a red wig, though as a special -- and pretty perfect -- guest points out, it's not quite red enough.

It's a silly gag that made us chuckle, and makes us think Yeun will definitely be fine with whatever actual job he lands post-"TWD." We'll miss Glenn, but we're excited to see what the talented, hilarious actor does next.

Photo credit: YouTube/Team Coco