"The Walking Dead" fans may not blame Daryl Dixon for Glenn Rhee's death in the Season 7 premiere, but Pookie is definitely blaming himself.

"Daryl never forgives himself, and he takes full responsibility," Norman Reedus told Entertainment Weekly in the new issue with poor Glenn on the cover. "He gives up, he loses his fight."

Daryl defied Negan's order with that punch to the face -- which probably felt good at the time but backfired when Negan punished Glenn for it, then abducted Daryl and took him to the Saviors's base, the Sanctuary, which we should see for the first time this Sunday, November 6 in "The Cell."

Daryl is now a prisoner, and it sounds like his journey is just going to get darker from here. As Reedus told Comicbook.com, "He goes very, very dark. He does certain things that he can't go back from. He goes to a very, very dark, dark place. It's a combination of hatred. It's a combination of self-loathing. It's different from when he first started on the show. He has a big chip on his shoulder. He thought people wouldn't like him. He didn't give a sh*t. He hates you, too. It turns now into he kind of hates himself. He hates the world that we're in, and he doesn't lose the fight in him, but he definitely no longer sees anything good in the world, that's for sure."

OK, so he may or may not lose his fight. If he does lose it, it sounds like it will only be temporarily.

You know who isn't losing her fight one bit? Maggie. Lauren Cohan told Entertainment Weekly, "What Negan's actions do to Maggie is light this crazy fuse. We'll see that burn pretty strong."

We may not see Maggie's fuse in this next episode -- with the focus on Daryl, Negan, Dwight and company -- but at least it's a bright spot ahead. (This character episode list shares when we'll see Maggie, Rick, and company each week.)

Check out the Episode 3 promo:
Hopefully this does not mean they are giving Daryl a "remix" of Carl's storyline from the comic book. For one thing, Daryl did not volunteer to go, so to speak, so there's still time for Carl to do his own thing.

"The Walking Dead" Season 7 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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