Live By Night

"I got one guaranteed life. I was going to live it," Ben Affleck's Prohibition-era mobster declares in the new trailer for "Live By Night." Yeah, he does — he's got the drinks, the women, the guns, the cars, the boats, the dapper hats, and of course, the money. But as the trailer ominously warns, "Witness the price of the American dream."

"Live By Night" is based on Dennis Lehane's novel and centers on Joe Coughlin (Affleck), the son of a Boston police boss who decides he enjoys the life of an outlaw in Florida. But his sense of justice and open heart leave him vulnerable, both in business and in love.

This is Affleck's first directorial effort since the Oscar-winning "Argo." So, there's a lot of anticipation (and awards buzz) surrounding it. The cinematography is stunning, and the sense of time and place is palpable. The performances, including Affleck's, look top-notch. Should be an Oscar contender!

"Live By Night" opens in limited release Christmas Day and nationwide January 13.

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