Winter is never the only thing coming on "Game of Thrones," but this latest sex scene spoiler has a bit of a twist. It's kind of a sweet twist, though, and marks some welcome good news for a beloved couple.

Watchers on the Wall has been sharing all kinds of scoop as the HBO series shoots Season 7. This latest spoiler is a two-parter, and both parts include Grey Worm.WotW reported that Daenyers Targaryen's Unsullied leader will lead his men to assault Casterly Rock, the Lannister stronghold. Here's the other Grey Worm news, which sounds more, um, pleasurable:

"Finally, let's leave you guys with a bang: We have mentioned Grey Worm, so we will make the most of it and share a little season seven tidbit our sources have told us about. Grey Worm won't merely be fighting next year: Grey Worm and Missandei's relationship will go much further than in previous seasons. In fact, there is a sex scene in the works!"

My, my! That's somewhat surprising, since Grey Worm -- like all Unsullied boys -- is a eunuch. But there's more than one way to have sex, and the point is that their relationship is headed to the next level. However, there's often a calm before the storm on this show, so does that bode ill for one of the characters? Let's hope there's no post-coital death scene coming out of this.

Read WotW's full post for more spoilers, including some intriguing stuff about Dany, Jaime Lannister, Bronn, and Highgarden.

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