Missing WomanThe "Making a Murderer" twists and turns just keep coming.

On Monday, a Wisconsin judge ordered the release from prison of Brendan Dassey, one of the subjects of the hit Netflix documentary series.

Dassey, 27, and his uncle Steven Avery received life sentences in 2007 for the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach. Nearly a decade later, "Making a Murderer" called their convictions into question and pushed them into the global spotlight. Efforts to get both men freed gained steam, and it appears that the most recent may be successful for Dassey.

Dassey's release is by no means a sure thing, though. Although Magistrate Judge William Dufflin's 17-page ruling Monday is a win for him, the "Making a Murderer" star will still face obstacles. State Attorney General Brad Schimel plans to attempt to prevent Dassey's release, according to Milwaukee's Journal Sentinel. Schimel's office announced that he intends to file an emergency motion in the Seventh Circuit seeking a stay of the release order.

If Dassey is released, he will be supervised by the U.S. Probation Office for the Eastern District of Wisconsin while the state tries to reinstate his overturned conviction. The end to this legal drama doesn't seem to even be in sight. Obviously, getting out of jail isn't nearly as easy as Monopoly would have you believe.

It's a good thing that Netflix renewed the show -- clearly, there has been no shortage of new developments since Season 1, and many more could be on their way.

[via: Journal Sentinel]