Aside from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" that left fans scratching their heads. Chief among them: How could Rory (Alexis Bledel), who claimed to be broke, afford all of those flights to London she took throughout the revival? Now, "Gilmore" creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has offered up an explanation.

In an interview with TVLine, Sherman-Palladino spilled the beans about all things "A Year in the Life," including the final four words, Rory's babydaddy, and yes, all of that airfare on her many visits to London/Logan. According to the producer, the answer to how the flailing freelance journalist could swing such a large expense on a regular basis came down to some thrifty planning.

"A lot of it was points," ASP told TVLine. "When you travel that much you have points. She's flying economy. She's flying JetBlue on a deal. And she's using her points. We didn't really focus on money because, quite frankly, I don't think anyone's worried that Rory is going to starve. Between Emily Gilmore, Lorelai Gilmore... Logan... there were so many [well-off] people in her life that would've made sure she didn't fall through the cracks."

We see more than a few cracks in ASP's explanation, especially since Rory herself kept telling everyone that she had no money. Even with some careful scouring of airline deals, it seems a little too convenient that she was still able to spontaneously jet off overseas so often.

The showrunner's latter point -- that Rory had financial help from someone else -- is probably closer to accurate (and Logan is most likely the one who should have footed that bill, anyway). Rory also had a trust fund from Richard and Emily (which was set up during the original series, fans may recall, and set to go into effect when she was in her mid-20s), and likely also got some money from Richard's will, so she probably wasn't hurting for spare cash. It seems the youngest Gilmore's definition of "broke" is a bit different from the rest of ours.

This concludes today's edition of Over-Analyzing "A Year in the Life." Stay tuned for more.

[via: TVLine]

Photo credit: Saeed Adyani/Netflix