Somewhere out there, a woman named Marina is kicking herself that she went home with the "You suck!" guy instead of Chris Pratt.

Pratt, now a married megastar, was on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" last night to promote his new movie "Passengers." During the chat, Pratt revealed that he retired his go-to karaoke song, "Man in the Mirror," after an embarrassing snafu in front of his then-crush. But the one who should really be embarrassed is the crush, Marina, since she let Chris Pratt get away.

Chris Pratt: "I was riding high on the wave of nailing 'Man in the Mirror' the week before. Went to the new karaoke bar. Met a girl. Her name was Marina. You remember Marina? I was flirting with her. I had 'Man in the Mirror' in my pocket. I knew I was going to kill it. I put 'Man in the Mirror' in, got on stage."

He paused.

Pratt: "This is true, by the way. I know I'm playing it up, but this was a really vulnerable moment for me. I said 'This song's for Marina.' I swear to God. And then the first note came out. And I didn't realize there's different notes, different keys, and stuff. And it just wasn't my key, wasn't my night."

He said it came out sounding all wrong, and then he heard this guy in the audience yell "You suck!"

Pratt: "I just immediately started sweating. Some guy yelled 'You suck' and I looked and he was standing right next to Marina. And she left with the 'You suck' guy! I've never sang 'Man in the Mirror' since, man. It hurt, it hurt so bad."

It's hilarious, but also so sad.

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