Amazon is bringing us back to the roaring '20s -- with all the era's vice-filled glory.

The online retail giant-slash-streaming service has dropped the official trailer for "Z: The Beginning of Everything," a period drama centering on Zelda Fitzgerald (Christina Ricci). The fast-paced preview focuses on her chaotic life, particularly her marriage to the celebrated writer F. Scott Fitzgerald (David Hoflin). In the trailer, the two navigate parties, paparazzi, and passion, but that the glitz has an ugly side, too.

This definitely isn't your average love story. "Well-behaved women don't make history," the trailer tells us, and there's a reason we all remember Zelda.

The series' pilot successfully emerged from Amazon's pilot season, and the trailer shows us why. Zelda Fitzgerald has long been a fascinating figure, and Ricci sells her portrayal well.

The series' stars also includes David Strathairn, Jamie Anne Allman, and Jordan Dean.

"Z: The Beginning of Everything" premieres on Amazon Prime Jan. 27.