Marco PoloIt's the end of the road for "Marco Polo" on Netflix.

The streaming service canceled the epic drama after two seasons, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That makes it the first Netflix original series not to make it to a third season.

Lorenzo Richelmy starred as the titular merchant traveler who journeyed to China and ended up in the Mongolian court of Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong). The first season debuted in 2014 to generally negative reviews, despite a huge production budget rumored to rival that of "Game of Thrones."

In fact, sources told THR that "Marco Polo" was responsible for a $200 million loss over its two seasons. The second season premiered with very little publicity in July. The decision to end the series was a mutual one between Netflix and producers The Weinstein Company.

"Marco Polo" joins a short list of originals canceled by Netflix. Earlier this year, the service announced "Bloodline" would end after its third season.

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