One of the great things about "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" is how it leads right into "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope." Only now can fans fully appreciate the movie that came out some 40 years ago.

Some "Star Wars" fans probably continued the story at home, popping in copies of Episodes IV-VII after watching "Rogue One" in theaters. Other fans -- a bunch of them -- searched for the "Star Wars" opening scene online. That's it below. That screen crawl is now more poignant since it's not an impersonal recounting of history, it's a fresh report about lost heroes we came to know and care about.

Watch the first 7 minutes of "Star Wars" to see how "Rogue One" flows into the original:If you check out the YouTube comments, it's basically a "Rogue One" fest, with fans saying they checked out the video because of the new movie. Chances are, if you've seen "Rogue One" you've seen all of the other films, but there are actually some people just getting started on their "Star Wars" journeys, wondering if this film is where they should begin or what. So be gentle with the newbies, and consider suggesting the prequels be watched sparingly.

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