"Saturday Night Live" for at least the next four years, which means he could make some decent side money. How decent?

The New York Times casually revealed Baldwin's pay in a new profile of the actor, following his weekly transformation into the president-elect. (FYI, it takes seven minutes for Baldwin to become Trump through hair and makeup.)

Here's the money blurb:

"His Trump is as much censure as impersonation. He does not write the sketches. He is paid $1,400 for each appearance on the show, he said."

OK, for the past several years there have been 21 or 22 episodes a year. Baldwin's Trump won't be in all of them, but let's pretend he'll appear 20 times in the 2016-2017 season. That would give him $28,000 a season, which isn't going to make him rich, but considering each sketch is usually only a couple of minutes long, and he doesn't have to memorize the lines -- the cue cards are right there -- it's not a bad gig.

However, Baldwin did tell the NY Times he's about to film two movies, and then presumably promote them, so his Trump performances for "SNL" will be intermittent. Plus, he said seeing his Trump every week would start to get old for the audience. The show wants to keep it special. So his total fee is probably going to be closer to $15,000 or something like that -- which, as a sidenote, is also around what he got paid to host the Oscars.

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