Wanted: Actor age 8-to-11 to play "confident," "arrogant, "short-tempered," "fiercely ritualistic," "socially awkward, once-in-a-generation genius" who lives in East Texas with a mother who sings "Soft Kitty" to him when he's sick. No pressure, but the kid better nail every "Bazinga," too!

Yes, according to "The Big Bang Theory" prequel called "Sheldon." The site reports producers Chuck Lorre, Steve Molaro, and Jim Parsons (who plays CBS's adult Sheldon) are "scouring the planet" for just the right actor. The Hollywood Reporter previously revealed, via sources, that the prequel was being modeled on another coming-of-age sitcom, "Malcolm in the Middle."

In the meantime, TVLine also shared scoop on the currently airing "Big Bang" featuring Parson's Sheldon. Here's the latest from the site:

"Sheldon and Amy are sloooooowly making Penny's apartment their own. "If you look carefully, some of Sheldon's things are quietly migrating from [his and Leonard's old apartment] into what was Penny's apartment," reveals showrunner Steve Molaro, adding that he's loathe to conduct a wholesale revamp of what is essentially one of the show's three iconic sets (the other two being Sheldon's old apartment with Leonard and the heavily trafficked staircase). "Those three sets are baked into the DNA of the show, so I'd like to not make drastic changes there."

Read the site for more "Big Bang" scoop. Are you excited about "Sheldon" or do you fear his very particular brand oflightning won't strike twice?

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