US-ENTERTAINMENT-PREMIERE-PASSENGERSThe "X-Men" powers of Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender -- even combined with Marvel's own Star-Lord Chris Pratt -- are unlikely to save "Passengers" and "Assassin's Creed" at the Christmas weekend box office. Sorry, but they're just no match for Felicity Jones and animated singing animals.

According to The Hollywood Reporter's box office projections, "Rogue One" is expected to dominate once again (no shock), with "Sing" taking the biggest haul of the three movies that opened Wednesday, Dec. 21. "Passengers" and (especially) "Assassin's Creed" are expected to have disappointing opening weekends, perhaps matching their disappointing reviews.


• "Rogue One" opened Friday, Dec. 16 to big numbers, and THR said it's projected for a Friday-Monday holiday weekend gross of more than $110 million, putting its domestic intake above $300 million through Monday.

• "Sing," which cost about $75 million, is projected for a six-day (Wednesday-Monday) opening of roughly $80 million.

• "Passengers," which cost around $110 million, is expected to have a six-day launch of $27 million-$30 million. THR noted that Sony had hoped for a $30 million-$40 million start. That's not too far off, though.

• "Assassin's Creed," which cost around $125 million, is projected for a six-day opening of approximately $20 million. That's not great.

ENTERTAINMENT-US-PREMIERE-ASSASSIN'S CREED-ARRIVALSThese are, of course, projections, and by the time Tuesday rolls around to end the long holiday weekend, box office prognosticators could be in for a shock at what fans actually went to see over Christmas break.

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