It's the rubber duckies that confuse us most.

"The Walking Dead" Season 7 is returning from its winter hiatus on Sunday, February 12. AMC just shared 14 photos to tease the second half of Season 7. But that sounds better than the reality -- which is this show's perennial problem, so it's fitting. The reality is that the 14 photos are all of random items that have no definite context to us yet. There are peanuts, a bicycle, a hammer cracking nuts, melons, an upside-down bucket, etc.

Is Carol making more cookies? Will Daryl now ride a bicycle around? Will Carol and Daryl put the rubber duckies in a bath together to take Caryl to the next level? (Kidding. Unless it happens.) Will Rick Grimes ask the residents of Alexandria, Hilltop, Oceanside, and the Kingdom to throw peanuts at Negan to shame him off the stage? Are they all joining the circus?

Here's the photo gallery shared on the show's official Facebook page:

"Worlds collide," eh? Maybe that's something to keep in mind if you try to decipher the photos. We know 7B is meant to be the opposite of 7A, and Andrew Lincoln all but promised we'll be celebrating the season finale. (That would certainly be the opposite of the Season 6 finale.)

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