Come on, Disney, don't be a scruffy looking nerf-herder!

To honor the late Carrie Fisher, thousands of "Star Wars" fans have signed a petition to the Walt Disney Company requesting Princess Leia be made an official Disney princess. So far, the petition has about 33,000 signatures.

Here's the pitch:

"After the tragic lose of Carrie Fisher, we feel that it is only fitting for Disney to do away with the rule that an official Disney princess must be animated and make Leia a full-fledged princess. This would be a wonderful way to remember Carrie and a welcoming to one of Disney's new properties that is beloved by millions.

What we are asking is that the Walt Disney Corporation hold a full ceremony inducting Leia as the newest Disney princess as well as a special service in memory of Carrie Fisher."

The petition creator, Cody Christensen of Cedar City, Utah, told Geek Exchange he has five daughters, and there are constantly princess movies playing in the background. "We are big fans of the current princess line-up, but I think that Leia is a really strong, positive, awesome role model for my girls, and she would make a great addition." He said he started the petition because it had been bothering him since Disney bought Lucasfilm that Disney had all of these official princesses but they did not include Leia. "Then I found out that Disney had set rules for who could and couldn't be a princess. With Carrie's death, I think that it's time to change the rules."

Look at this father with his princess cause! It may not change the world, but his daughters must be proud.

According to CBS News, since 2000, Disney princesses have been their own franchises, "marketed separately from the films that spawned them. Not every princess from a Disney film or TV show is an official member of the princess franchise." It sounds like such a clique.

Disney has yet to officially respond to the petition. But Leia totally deserves her own planet/spaceship/castle at Disney World, so they should just starting building something now.

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