Only a disgusted look from Cristina Yang could accurately express our frustration at "Grey's Anatomy" Season 13's return being delayed one week. However, ABC is making it up to us with big plans for our beloved Japril in the next batch of episodes.

First, Sarah Drew (April Kepner) revealed to Entertainment Weekly that "We are going to meet Jackson's father." She didn't share details on who would be playing him, or when we'd find out. As you know, we've met Jackson's (Jesse Williams) mother, Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen), and grandpa Harper Avery (Chelcie Ross) but never Papa Jackson. (Do you think he's as handsome as his son? Trick question. That's not possible.)

Drew also dished that "Grey's" is giving fans another full Japril episode -- this time sending the divorced parents to ... Montana?

"We're dealing with a case and it's just the two of us in Montana for the whole episode. [...] I can tease that there's a real turning point that happens for the two of them. They're forced to be in the same space working together with no distraction outside of the norm, outside of anybody that they know, outside of any of the history. They're going through something pretty big. They don't start off in the best place when we find them on the journey."

Drew said this particular episode -- which sounds like exactly what we want for Japril -- has already been shot by director Kevin McKidd (aka Owen Hunt) and airs in March. "We're really proud of the episode," Drew continued. "It's very tonally different than a lot of the episodes. There's a lot of quiet, silent spaces where we're just watching people process things. It's intimate and very adult."

Sounds great so far. "Grey's Anatomy" returns with a very different episode -- set at a maximum security prison -- on Thursday, January 26 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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