"Saturday Night Live" to help host Felicity Jones work through her obvious nerves. Jones, star of the box office juggernaut "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," hosted the episode on January 14, and NBC also showed a repeat of Carrie Fisher's SNL episode in 1978. In keeping with the Star Wars theme, Tina Fey showed up in the monologue as a Princess Leia-like hologram, with Kenan Thompson doing his best Forest Whitaker impression as Saw Gerrera.

Jones admitted she was nervous, and Fey told her to just do her best and don't worry what the reviews say: "No matter how it goes, the President of the United States will say that it's "sad and overrated."

Here's the monologue:As usual, that Trump assessment was not far off the mark. This week's SNL was once again dominated by Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impression -- in a Golden Showers cold open -- complete with another reaction tweet from Trump that the show is "not funny."

Here's the cold open, which has more than 4 million views so far:

Jones also joined the cast for another "Bachelor" spoof, this time mocking Nick Viall as "Beard Hunk":

And SNL showed it can mock Hollywood celebrities almost as well as it mocks Trump in this "Movie Interview" sketch:

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