The family that slays together ... stays together.

Netflix released the first full trailer for "Santa Clarita Diet," a dark family comedy starring Drew Barrymore as a suburban mom who seemingly turns into a zombie. As her son puts it, she's dead — and she's undead. And now, Mama is craving the taste of human flesh. It's up to her husband (Timothy Olyphant) and kids to help her figure out this new diet. They discover cannibalism isn't so easy.

The trailer is filled with gross imagery of Barrymore chomping on arms and making flesh smoothies. There are also a lot of darkly funny lines, like when Olyphant muses, "We have to kill someone who deserves it. I guess the prototype would be a young, single Hitler." Barrymore cheerily responds, "We'd be heroes!"

"Santa Clarita Diet" begins streaming Feb. 3 on Netflix.

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