Yep, they made a sequel to "The Nut Job." Just go with it. In "The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature," Will Arnett's Surly the squirrel returns to try and stop Oakton's crooked mayor (Bobby Moynihan) from destroying Liberty Park and turning it into an amusement park.

Open Road Films just released the first official trailer for "The Nut Job 2," and it literally explodes -- more than once! -- with nutty food references and other wacky kid-friendly shenanigans. At the very least it may make you hungry.

Watch the trailer:According to Box Office Mojo, the 2014 movie cost around $42 million to make and made $64 million domestically and $56 million around the world, for a total north of $120 million. It had the biggest opening weekend ever for an independent animated feature film, which would be why we're getting another one. This sequel was originally scheduled to come out January 15 of 2016, but obviously got pushed back.

Will Arnett, Katherine Heigl, Maya Rudolph, Gabriel Iglesias, and Jeff Dunham are all back from the original film, which has added Jackie Chan, Bobby Cannavale, and Peter Stormare, in addition to Bobby Moynihan.

"The Nut Job 2" opens August 18.

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