house of cards, season 5, premiere date, release date, promo, teaserNetflix has finally House of Cards" season five, and released an eerie new teaser trailer to go along with the announcement.

The short clip -- which was released on Inauguration Day, in what may or may not be coincidental timing (though Netflix cheekily declined to comment) -- focuses on a billowing American flag against a gloomy-looking gray sky, with children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in voiceover. The camera slowly pans out to reveal that the flag is hanging upside down in front of the Capitol building (a nod to the show's logo), and as the Pledge ends, ominous sound effects add a jarring punctuation mark to the building tension, before the release date is displayed onscreen: May 30, 2017.

Shared on the official "House of Cards" Twitter account, the post included the comment, "We make the terror." It alludes to dialogue between Frank (Kevin Spacey) and Claire (Robin Wright) spoken during the season four finale, in which Frank tells his wife, "We don't submit to terror. We make the terror." Spooky stuff indeed.

It looks like the show, which has never shied away from depicting the seedier side of politics, will be delving even deeper into that territory this season. Fans only have to wait a few more months before they find out the true meaning of those words for themselves.

[via: House of Cards/Twitter]