Is it a bad thing to identify with the bad guy? In "Spider-Man: Homecoming" -- out July 7th -- Michael Keaton plays villain Adrian Toomes, aka Vulture. When promoting his new movie "The Founder," about Ray Kroc and the rise of McDonald's, Keaton told SiriusXM's Town Hall (hosted by Entertainment Weekly) that Vulture is an even more timely character than the ruthless Golden Arches businessman:

"Actually, [Adrian/Vulture] has more relevance -- I know there's this issue that comes up about how timely this is, 'The Founder,' in terms of where we are now in this country. My character [Vulture], actually, is, if not more relevant — and I'm not going to say more than that. There's a B-story to this guy that's kind of really interesting and really relevant. I would be lying if I said that's why I took it, but as we talked about it and did it, I went, 'Whoa, there's some layers to this guy. This kind of speaks to another...' This director's [Jon Watts] is a very bright guy, and he wanted to bring this issue out. A lot of people are going to like him more than they probably want to, would be my guess."

SiriusXM Town Hall With The Cast Of 'The Founder'; Town Hall To Air On Entertainment Weekly RadioDirector Jon Watts previously told USA Today that Vulture is a very different antagonist from other Marvel villains like Thanos and Ultron: "It's fun to think that if Spider-Man is a regular kid who becomes a superhero, there's got to be a bunch of regular guys who become supervillains, too."

Speaking of Spidey, actor Tom Holland told USA Today, "The first time we see the Vulture is terrifying. It's like a horror movie: really scary, very intense and shocking."

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" arrives July 7th.

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