North Hollywood Cinefest - Opening NightRomance is coming to "Stranger Things" Season 2 -- just maybe not the way fans hoped.

Shippers were cheering for single mom Joyce (Winona Ryder) and police chief Hopper (David Harbour) to get together last season on the hit Netflix drama. Unfortunately, it seems someone is going to step in the middle of that: Sean Astin.

The "Goonies" actor joined Season 2 as a high school classmate of Hopper and Joyce, Bob Newby, described as a "kindhearted former nerd" who works at Radio Shack. And on the Fan2Sea Comic Con Cruise, Harbor revealed, "He's Winona's new boyfriend -- much to the chagrin to the Chief of Police."

Harbour also teased that the supernatural show picks up a year later, and that the "Justice for Barb" movement isn't dead (though she is). "He question and the feelings that Nancy has that no one ever cares about her friend Barb, are very much present in the beginning of the season."

"Stranger Things" Season 2 premieres sometime later this year on Netflix.

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