'La Reina De Espana' Madrid PremiereFamily life will be more than a little complicated for Penelope Cruz in her upcoming film "Love Child."

The actress is attached to star alongside Edgar Ramirez in the upcoming project from director Todd Solondz, Deadline reports. Cruz will play the mother of an unusual 11-year-old boy -- one determined to keep her attention to himself. If you've ever taken any psychology classes, your Oedipus complex alarm bells should be ringing.

Junior, in spite of his harmless-sounding name, is quite the scheming kid. To get rid of his abusive father, he tries to plan an "accident" to kill him. When that doesn't work, he encourages another man to win over his mother, only to then try to frame him for his father's murder.

Oddly, the film is supposed to be comedic, so they'll lighten it up somehow. Maybe it's kind of like a really, really dark "Parent Trap"? In any case, Cruz has done it all, so playing mother to a malicious offspring should be no problem.

[via: Deadline]