HBO's Post Emmy Awards Reception - ArrivalsGame of Thrones" season seven this week by sharing a hilarious video and some more exciting promises about what fans can expect from the upcoming episodes.

The clip, which Clarke posted to her Instagram account, features the actress in full Khaleesi hair and makeup, lip syncing along with the epic R. Kelly anthem "I Believe I Can Fly." Clarke captioned the video, "That feeling when at last you're a day away from wrapping season 7."

It's an appropriate song choice for several reasons, most obviously thanks to the repeated mention of flying, which Daenerys can do plenty of thanks to her cadre of dragons. And based on previous hints the actress has dropped throughout production of these new episodes, there will be lots of dragon action waiting for audiences when season seven debuts.

And speaking of season seven, Clarke also used the post to make yet another hyperbolic declaration about the epic nature of the new installments, writing, "I BELIEVE THIS ONES [sic] GONNA BE A MIND BLOWER."

We're ready to be amazed. Season seven of "Game of Thrones" is due to debut sometime this summer on HBO.

[via: Emilia Clarke/Instagram]