"Stranger Things" Season 2 will turn the #WorldUpsideDown this Halloween.

The Netflix's show's first teaser debuted during the 2017 Super Bowl, starting with a replay of the old '80s ad for Eggo waffles. The second fans saw those Eggos, they knew Eleven would be close behind. But it's Will Byers that concerns us now. That poor kid is still messed-up, even a year after the events of Season 1, and that does not mean good things for Hawkins, Indiana.

Based on this teaser/ad/promo/TV spot/trailer, Season 2 is going to double down on the supernatural terror -- we even have mini Ghostbusters in the Hawkins kids, and the series itself is meant to start streaming on Halloween. Since Season 1 arrived in July, an Oct. 31 premiere means we have to wait longer than usual for the follow-up. We were hoping they would stick with a mid-July timeframe, but there is definite undead power in releasing the next phase of terror on the scariest holiday of all. (Oct. 31 is a Tuesday this year, though, so they'd be veering from the usual big-show-release-on-Friday formula.)

Netflix did some great pre-Bowl teasing on Twitter before the ad debuted in the second half of the game:

And then the teaser arrived:

Halloween can't get here fast enough!

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