Matt Damon: "I want to thank God, because He hates Jimmy so much that He just made all this happen."

After 14 years of being blown off in the dressing room, "Jimmy Kimmel Live." But, of course, "Tom Brady" was really none other than Kimmel's longtime rival Matt Damon, dressed in Brady's uniform.

Once Kimmel realized he had been punked, he was (mock) furious and rushed to have Damon removed. But first, Guillermo wanted to get Brady's autograph, even though Kimmel kept trying to tell him that was not the real Tom Brady. Didn't matter. It was the real Matt Damon. And this is the real fake feud we just can't seem to get sick of. Ever. It does not get old. Patent it.

"Touchdown! I won the Super Bowl. And I won your stupid show!"

Kimmel insisted Damon was not technically a guest on the show because he didn't sit on the couch. Is that the standard? The best part of the whole thing was Rich Eisen's post-appearance interview with Damon backstage:Damon has broken onto the show before, to take Kimmel hostage and -- in a personal favorite -- when Ben Affleck snuck him in under his own "fat" suit:Heaven.

Kimmel is hosting the Oscars on Sunday, Feb. 26, and Damon is nominated as one of the producers of "Manchester by the Sea." That film is not expected to win Best Picture but, if it does, Damon is going to have to rub it in the host's face. Kimmel did say his biggest anxiety is that Matt Damon might not lose.

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