Danny Rand isn't the only badass we'll be seeing in "Marvel's Iron Fist."

Just a day after giving us the series' official trailer, Netflix released a new sneak peek Wednesday, and it features Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick), a woman who clearly can hold her own in a fight. The video shows just what she can do by locking her in a cage with two hulking men and letting her go to work. As we can see, underestimating her only leads to pain.

Colleen will be a formidable ally to Danny (Finn Jones), a man returning home to New York City to take over his parents' company. They'll have to deal with some dangerous characters as he tries to resume his rightful place while also battling a group called The Hand. Along the way, we should get plenty of brutal fight scenes like the one in the sneak peek below.

"Marvel's Iron Fist" premieres on March 17.