Los Angeles LGBT Center's 47th Anniversary Gala Vanguard Awards - ArrivalsThree former "RuPaul's Drag Race" contestants are sashaying away to exciting new spinoff projects.

World of Wonder Productions has revealed plans for two original unscripted series starring show alums, Variety reports. Drag queens Justin Johnson and Jay Jackson, also known by their stage names, Alyssa Edwards and Laganja Estranja, will share the screen on one, and Matthew Sanderson, or Detox Icunt, will headline the other.

Drag "family" members Johnson and Jackson will star in "Haus of Edwards," a series that centers on Johnson's dance studio. It sounds a bit like "Dance Moms" meets "Drag Race" -- there are "diva dancers" and "deeply involved moms," according to Variety. Meanwhile, "Detox's Life Rehab" will bring in surprise guests each week to give life advice alongside the show's host.

WOW intends to give both series a digital release on its YouTube channel, with episodes coming weekly. The series are set for eight episodes apiece, and each will be approximately 30 minutes long. They're expected to debut in late April, so get ready for the big hair, flashy outfits, and fun.

[via: Variety]