Is Alex Karev going to have to punch someone else on "Grey's Anatomy" Season 13?

TVLine just shared some intriguing new scoop for the final four episodes of this season, and possibly continuing into the recently announced Season 14. There's a new doc in town, and he kinda sounds like one of those charming sociopaths who seem perfect on the surface, but end up the villain in a Lifetime movie.

Here's the spoiler from TVLine:

"The show is admitting the rarest breed of 'Grey's Anatomy' character this spring: an honest-to-goodness Big Bad. According to sources, Shonda Rhimes & Co. are looking for a Caucasian actor in his mid 40s to play a new doctor who is 'appealing, charismatic and charming' — in other words, a total freakin' catch. The twist? He's has a 'manipulative, scary dark side.' The MD (which in this case stands for maniacal demon) will appear in this season's final four episodes and could return in Season 14. Now, I'll just say what everyone is thinking: Could this be Jo's husband?!"

That does sound like Jo's (Camilla Luddington) abusive husband, whom she left for a brand new life with a new name. She's currently hiding from him, so it would be bad news to see him at Grey Sloan. Then again, there's nothing in this description that says he's at Grey Sloan, so maybe Jo and/or Alex (Justin Chambers) go seek this guy out to close that chapter for good?

Of course, there's more than one charming guy with a dark side in this world, and this guy may have nothing to do with Jo. But Jo's backstory has unfinished business, and it would make sense for the show to go there as an added twist to the Jolex drama. As you know, Alex just got off the hook for beating the crap out of DeLuca when he mistakenly thought DeLuca was makin' moves on drunk Jo. Jo had just confessed her secret past to DeLuca. Alex found out Jo's backstory later, but the full truth (her name, other details) have yet to come out.

It does seem like a very Alex thing to do to track down Jo's ex to get him to sign divorce papers so Jo and Alex can get married. That was the reason Jo cited for not marrying Alex, and he's not likely to just let that go. Also, if Jo really is pregnant -- and just not the actress in real life -- that would give Alex even more incentive to find Jo's ex and get him out of their lives forever so they can focus on their family and not look over their shoulders. But that's all speculation at this point.

We won't meet this mystery guy for a while. There are 24 episodes in the season and we are only up to Episode 13, "It Only Gets Much Worse," on Feb. 16; then Episode 14, "Back Where You Belong," on Feb. 23.

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