Now even ABC is spoiling its own show. "The Bachelor" Season 21 is still airing, with Nick Viall down to his final four future exes. Rachel Lindsay is one of those four, and we'll see her hometown date this coming Monday. That hometown visit will now double as our first look at "The Bachelorette," since we'll be seeing more of Rachel's family this spring.

There were rumors that Rachel would be the Season 13 Bachelorette, but host Chris Harrison made it official last night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live":

Chris Harrison, who was very supportive of the idea of Rachel's casting before she was announced, turned to Instagram to apologize to "Bachelor" fans for the early spoiler that Rachel doesn't end up with Nick:

According to Entertainment Tonight, the early announcement was due to the fact that "The Bachelorette" production is starting in just a couple of weeks. "Because of the timing and the desire to cast the best bachelors they can find, the network needed to make the announcement on Monday."

It does give fans -- and potential bachelors -- an opportunity to get to know Rachel, 31, even better by watching her with her family in the hometown visit. Wanna know if she's eliminated during hometowns or lasts longer? Here are the finale spoilers.

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